Wrestlers' Win/Loss Records

Arranged by Promotions and Compiled by

Nicolas Seafort

Statement from Nicolas Seafort

Someone once posted RSPW about sixteen months ago a question about Alex Wright's win/loss record, and it made me realize that no one had ever bothered to keep track of the actual win/loss/draw records of wrestlers in organizations like the WWF, or WCW. Thus I decided to take on this formidable (and probably somewhat ridiculous) task on by myself, going through years of Bill Apter publications and Wade Keller's Pro Wrestling Torch newsletter for results of house shows and TV tapings, as well as my own collection of taped matches. Thus I've compiled the following records......

Archive Note: (July 13, 2005) These records were compiled for a while and then abandoned by their creator. Solie's assumes no responsibility for keeping them updated. I took them down some years ago, but have returned them to the site by popular demand. Please don't write requesting that I bring them up to date unless you want to volunteer to do the research. Ya better start office cleaning cause it's a lot of info your going to have to gather.

WCW (1990 -1995)

WCW (1997)

WCW (1998)

WCW (1999)

WWF (1987 -1995)

WWF (1997)

WWF (1998)

WWF (1999)

Top 5 Wrestlers (1996)

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