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From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan & Gary Will

1.Ron Etchison
[Records unclear]

2.Ron Etchison [2]

3.Harley Race
09/16/72-St. Louis, MO
Defeated Pak Song in tournament final
title was help up after a match against Johnny Valentine on December 16, 1972 in St. Louis, MO.

4.Johnny Valentine
01/19/73-St. Louis, MO
Defeated Race in rematch.

5.Terry Funk
02/10/73-St. Louis, MO

6.Gene Kiniski
03/16/73-St. Louis, MO

7.Harley Race [2]
10/13/73-St. Louis, MO

8.Dory Funk Jr.
05/24/74-St. Louis, MO

9.Harley Race [3]
02/21/75-St. Louis, MO

10.Bob Backlund
04/23/76-St. Louis, MO

11.Jack Brisco
11/26/76-St. Louis, MO

12.Dick Slater
08/12/77-St. Louis, MO

13.Ted DiBiase
02/12/78-St. Louis, MO

14.Dick Murdoch
02/26/78-St. Louis, MO

15.Dick the Bruiser
07/14/78-St. Louis, MO

16.Dick Murdoch [2]
03/17/79-St. Louis, MO

17.Dick the Bruiser [2]
05/18/79-St. Louis, MO

18.Dick Murdoch [3]
07/13/79-St. Louis, MO

19.Kevin Von Erich
11/23/79-St. Louis, MO

20.Ken Patera
04/25/80-St. Louis, MO
Ken Patera held the following title in conjunction with the NWA Missouri Heavyweight Title

21.Ted DiBiase [2]
11/21/80-St. Louis, MO

22.Jack Brisco [2]
10/02/81-St. Louis, MO

23.Ken Patera [2]
10/23/81-St. Louis, MO

24.Dick the Bruiser [3]
01/01/82-St. Louis, MO
Sam Muchnick retirement card.

25.Harley Race [4]
09/17/82-St. Louis, MO

26.Kerry Von Erich
01/23/83-St. Louis, MO

27.Jerry Blackwell
04/15/83-St. Louis, MO

28.Harley Race [5]
05/13/83-St. Louis, MO
Vacated on June 10, 1983 when Race won NWA World title.

29.Ric Flair
07/15/83-St. Louis, MO

30.David Von Erich
09/16/83-St. Louis, MO

31.Harley Race [6]
01/06/84-St. Louis, MO

32.Jerry Blackwell [2]
11/16/84-St. Louis, MO

33.Harley Race [7]
08/02/85-St. Louis, MO
Abandoned in Feburary,'86 when Jim Crockett bought part of St. Louis office and used his own roster

Title revived in 1999 by NWA World Legion Wrestling

Title Vacant

34.Elvis Aliaga
03/29/2014-Richland, MO
Won 10-man battle royal, last eliminating Jack Gamble, for the vacant title.

Title Vacant

35.Elvis Aliaga
03/29/2014-Richland, MO
Won 10-man battle royal, last eliminating Jack Gamble, for the vacant title

Title held-up
Due to a controversial ending in the match.

26.Elvis Aliaga [2]
06/21/2014-Ft. Leonard Wood, MO
Won 4-man gauntlet match, last eliminating Jack Gamble to win the held-up title.

17.Evan Morris
06/06/2015-Rolla, MO

18.Shane Somers
06/13/2015-Newburg, MO

19.Mitch Johnson
08/22/2015-Newbern, TN
Illinois champion, defeated Evan Morris in double title match.

20.Evan Morris [2]
03/05/2016-St. Robert, MO

21.Deven Spade
06/25/2016-Warsaw, MO

22.Jay Howard
10/29/2016-Newburg, MO

23.Karim Brigante
02/11/2017-Lebanon, MO

24.Jay Howard [2]
03/31/2017-Lebanon, MO

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