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1952--August 1981

From The Wrestling Alliance web site

1.Norman Walsh
Becomes First Champion

2.Arthur Riccaldo
07/01/63-Beaumont, ENGLAND
(Wins title when Walsh is injured in their match)

3.Norman Walsh [2]
08/63-Middlesborough, ENGLAND

4.Johnny Allen
12/64-Middlesborough, ENGLAND

5.Norman Walsh [3]
1965-Newcastle, ENGLAND

Norman Walsh vacates the title in 1965. He has to retire after being injured in a car accident.

6.Geoff Portz
05/66-Newcastle, ENGLAND
Vacant in 1966 when Portz becomes injured.

7.Mike Marino
12/66-Sheffield, ENGLAND

Vacant in 08/81 after Marino passes away.

Title revived by Big Time Wrestling

8.The American Dragon
03/05/06-Croydon, BRITAIN
Defeated James Mason in the 8-man tournament final.

9.Doug Williams
10/07/2003-Croydon, GBR

Title inactive after this day and replaced with All Star Wrestling People's Championship.

10.Thomas La Ruffa
Defeats Metal Master (Chad Collyer).

11.Mikey Whiplash
03/23/2009-Croydon, GBR

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